Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC

Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC

Spinal Implant Product Manufacturers

The mission of Intelligent Implant Systems is to develop
state-of-the-art products that improve spinal surgical procedures and patient outcomes. By focusing on the best possible innovative products, we can make a difference in advancing spinal treatments and also be a technology leader.

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  • Revolution™ Spinal SystemRevolution™
  • ACTIVE™ ScrewACTIVE™ Screw
  • Perception® Spinal Fixation SystemPerception® Spinal Fixation System
  • FIT™FIT™
  • Marauder™Marauder™

News & Events

January 16, 2015
Intelligent Implant Systems Gains FDA Approval for the Revolution Spinal System™ with Disposable Instrumentation Kit from ECA Medical ... »

November 7, 2014
Press Release

ECA Medical Instruments, the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure torque-limiting and fixed-driver ... »

November 6, 2014
Press Release

Intelligent Implant Systems will introduce the Revolution Spinal System at NASS 2014. This posterior spinal ... »

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Phone: 704-424-1009
Fax: 704-424-1011

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About Us

Intelligent Implant Systems designs, develops, manufactures, and sells technologically advanced products to the spinal implant market segment for both orthopedic spinal surgeons and neurosurgeons. The company founders and employee team have drawn on their extensive experience to create a technologically advanced product line for selected spinal implant markets.

The primary customers of Intelligent Implant Systems are the primary surgical caregivers and decision makers with respect to the selection of spinal implant products. The company develops its products in close collaboration with surgeons and uses a combination of in-house and contract manufacturing to turn the designs into manufactured products.

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