All-Sterile Fusion Systems for
Posterior Lumbar and Anterior Cervical

About Intelligent Implant Systems


Corporate Headquarters and our Canadian Geese family
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Intelligent Implant Systems was founded in 2007 with the goal to develop and market innovative surgical solutions for orthopedics and both fusion and non-fusion applications of the spine. Since its inception, Intelligent Implant Systems has been granted multiple US patents with foreign and additional US patents pending to protect its core technology.

When you look at our product portfolio, innovation is truly part of what the company brings to patients, surgeons, hospitals, and ASC’s. The team works hard to bring breakthrough technologies to improve spinal procedures. We don’t just say we are innovative, we work hard to remain on the cutting edge.

Our Mission

The mission of Intelligent Implant Systems is to develop state-of-the-art products that improve spinal surgical procedures and patient outcomes. By focusing on the best possible innovative products, we can make a difference in advancing spinal treatments and also be a technology leader.

Our Team

The management team is an experienced medical device development, sales, and marketing group having been in spine product market for many years. The founders and senior management of IIS have a long and successful history of developing spine and orthopedic products beginning in 1989.

We work in collaboration with surgeons, hospitals, ASC’s, and our distributors to provide the best possible solutions.
Our independent sales force is growing around the country and opportunities are available