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BioSphere® Putty, Bioactive Bone Graft


BioSphere® Putty
BioSphere® Technology
A New Form of Bioactive Glass with Improved Bone Healing
Intelligent Implant Systems is pleased to offer a next generation bone grafting material. BioSphere® Putty utilizes unique spherical bioactive glass particles and a phospholipid carrier to create a moldable bone graft putty with improved bone formation.

BioSphere® Putty is an excellent bone graft material, indicated for use as an allograft extender in the posterolateral spine.

BioSphere® Putty is a bone graft developed to maximize the bone healing potential of bioactive glass. Developed with Synergy Biomedical’s proprietary BioSphere® technology, the putty is composed of spherical particles combined with a resorbable carrier. This putty has excellent handling characteristics and is resistant to irrigation.

BioSphere® Putty

BioSphere® Putty

Unique Spherical Shape

  • 3-D packing of spheres creates op-timal porosity that allows faster bone growth

  • Spheres provide uniform, repeata-ble resorption and ion release

Optimized Particle Size Range

  • Bimodal particle size distribution provides maximum bone healing response

  • Size range results in resorption which matches bone formation

BioSphere® Putty

Highest Bioactive Glass Content on the Market

  • Maximum amount of bioactive glass delivered to surgical site

  • Maintains high graft volume throughout healing; reduces particle settling

Available in 4 sizes; sterile packed in a syringe for easy dispensing

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