All-Sterile Fusion Systems for
Posterior Lumbar and Anterior Cervical



Intelligent Implant Systems introduces the Continuum™ Spinal System – A unique implant which provides percutaneous modular segmental fixation options in the thoraco-lumbar spine.

The Continuum™ Spinal System is a unique technology designed to eliminate long rod constructs and allow for spinal fixation one segment at a time. This unique and yet universal approach has advantages in all aspects in thoraco-lumbar spinal fusion.

The Continuum™ Module

The Continuum™ ModuleOne receiver can be closed with a plug, which is included in the Continuum™ S module. This allows for a rod to be added later for easy adjacent level additions.

The Continuum™ module has built in rod receivers that accept one rod per side of the module. Each receiver allows the rods independent angulation in all planes and compression and distraction of the rods.

Continuum™ simplifies revision

Continuum™ simplifies revisionContinuum™ eliminates the need for clamp-on rod extensions or hardware removal when additional levels are needed, saving patient trauma, surgeon time, and expense.

Sterile, Single-Use Instrumentation

Sterile, Single-Use InstrumentationAs with other IIS products, instrumentation will be provided sterile, in a single tray. One tray of instruments for open procedures, additional procedural packs for percutaneous applications.

Continuum™ is not cleared by the FDA for distribution in the United States.
Our independent sales force is growing around the country and opportunities are available