All-Sterile Fusion Systems for
Posterior Lumbar and Anterior Cervical

Benefits of the Revolution Spinal System®

Revolution Spinal System®

Benefits for the Surgeon:
  • Modularity allows bone screws to be placed first. Excellent visibility and easier screw placement.
  • No rod contouring required
  • Screws are extremely low profile, self-tapping, and cannulated.
  • Locking nuts are built in – no separate set screws, nuts, or other components to place.
  • K-wires and J-style needle available for MIS and mini-open procedures.
  • No risk of waiting on instrument trays with torn wrappers that need to be resterilized, missing instruments, or trays with dozens of instruments that are not needed and take up OR space.
  • Screw height can be adjusted with Connector in place - a huge benefit over normal polyaxial screw systems.
System Benefits for the Hospital or ASC
  • Sterile packed implants to eliminate cost, time and risk – and reduce redundant inventory
  • Bar code tracking system
  • Sterile single-use instrument set: 7 instruments and a trial required to complete surgery.
  • Eliminates time and cost of sterilization for facility.
  • No wrapping, no risk of damaged wrappers that require resterilization.
  • Ensures instruments are in pristine condition for surgery – every time
  • Eliminates risk of contamination, especially with cannulated instruments
  • OR turn time can be reduced as there is no post surgery processing of implants or instruments.
  • No concern about missing, damaged, or out of calibration instruments.
  • UDI Compliant

Benefits of the Revolution Spinal System
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