All-Sterile Fusion Systems for
Posterior Lumbar and Anterior Cervical

Why Go to Sterile Single-Use Implants and Instruments?

“I can’t count the number of cannulated instruments I’ve found with old bone in it. Our current cleaning and sterilization systems aren’t good.” Bonezone, Vol 17, Issue 4, October 2018

Intelligent Implants’ recyclable, sterile, single-use instruments are brand new, have never been used in previous surgeries and will never contain “old bone”, Guaranteed!

“Reprocessed pedicle screws have been shown to still have residual microbial and non-microbial contaminants on them. traces of saccharides (including biofilm, endotoxins and fatty tissue), soap residue, and salt residue were identified on six pedicle screws randomly selected from four different trays of cleaned, wrapped and purportedly sterilized implants.” Spinal News International, Sept 14, 2018.

“There is sufficient published data to support the concept that organic residues on implantable items do elicit inflammatory responses that cause loosening of implants in animal models.” Horizons, Spring 2012

Intelligent Implants’gamma sterilized implants are never exposed in previous surgeries, are never reprocessedand do not contain contaminants or residues. They are always clean, sterile and ready for use.

“Device designers and surgeons often underestimate the impact of not considering the cleaning process from the early design stage, and also underestimate the resulting increased potential for infection or inflammatory response in patients. Administration does not want to deal with the issue because of associated cost and views this as an intractable issue because it is so pervasive” Horizons, Spring 2012

Intelligent Implant Systems thought about it and created our “All-Sterile Solutions”

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